Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just landed: Edge Of Ember!

Say 'hello' to our newest member of accessories label, EDGE OF EMBER - a new accessories label that highlights bold geometric 18K-gold-plated brass studs that come together with a palette of crystals and pearls for a sprinkling of elegance and luxury. With its heart in philanthropy, we proudly announce its debut collection, SARAT.

SARAT, which is translated from the Khmer word for 'beauty', explores edgy looks combined with a touch of femininity.  Symbolic of the strength and resilience of the human spirit, these statement pieces showcase the craftsmanship of local artisans throughout Asia with the beauty of hand-hammered metals, some of which have been recycled from the remnants of Cambodian brass bombshells. 

Anika Bangle

Astor Bangle

Chamelli Bangle

Chrystie Bangle in Gold

Sloane Bangle in Amethyst

Sloane Bangle in Onyx

Tamri Bangle in Gold

Tamri Bangle in 'Gunmetal
Aura Earrings

Aysha Earrings

Cate Earrings

Dawn Earrings

Dylan Earrings

Lexi Earrings

Maya Earrings
Padma Earrings

Suryn Earrings
Thavary Earrings

Aimee Necklace

Anja Necklace
Blair Necklace

Leila Necklace

Nabina Necklace

Willow Necklace

Zoei Necklace
Asri Ring

Chealsea Ring

Essex Ring

Love everything? Wait till you hear this. EDGE OF EMBER supports the livelihood of local artisans through self-sustainable employment, and reinvests part of this generated income in their communities. 10% of all proceeds go directly towards funding local charity projects which focus on issues affecting women and children - mainly trafficking, prostitution, education and healthcare. Through this philanthropic venture, EDGE OF EMBER aims to raise awareness of, and make an impact on, the plight of these disadvantaged groups. 

Looking fab' for a worthy cause. Need we say more?


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