Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trioon - Sofia Strapless Tiered Maxi in Black

Sure it's Summer and you're frolicking around in the season's brightest hues! While you're busy shopping for those, we think you'd stop and go 'ooh...' when your eyes so naturally detract as they catch a glimpse of Sofia in a classic, ever-flattering shade of black for those times when nothing else seems to make you look absolutely fab'! 

Such simplicity... yet it possesses the power to make you look so divine... Embellished flat sandals? Lovely! Sky-high stilettos? All the men are yours!

Sofia Strapless Tiered Maxi in black only

Desperately need one in your wardrobe? Drop Irene a note at, or call +65 6338-7060!


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