Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jean and Farisha From 'The Final One' in AIJEK!

The winner has been declared! Congratulations, Farisha!! Your hard work and incredible voice, and at such a young age, has won the hearts of us all! 

We'd just like to share with you ladies here a couple of shots we took of Farisha and Jean (who was just as talented and wonderful, and who put up a good fight, outlasting many other contestants), when they were here to be dressed up in AIJEK by Trixilini towards the last leg of the competition!

After a decision was made with Kim's help on what to wear at their next performance, the girls take a snap-shot with Kim, who's flanked by Farisha on the left and Jean on the right, looking rather chic already, before leaving.

Finally, the day arrives when Farisha and Jean are to take the stage to again, wow everyone with their powerful vocals, and dresses from AIJEK!

Here's a quick shot Kim took of the stage before the show began.

Kim (in Lulu Yasmine's Amalia Dress) takes a backstage-shot with Jean (left) in Aijek's Wonderment Lace Dress in indigo, and Farisha (right) in Aijek's Rebirth Balloon-sleeve Dress in aqua.
Don't they all look lovely?

Once again, our hearty congratulations to both girls for a job so fabulously done!

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