Monday, August 5, 2013

naked. Pictures!! *gasp*

You ladies came to satisfy your cravings for Aijek over the last weekend of July, and some of you......

......went naked for the camera! 

Hey! What were you thinking? Our blog's PG!!

We spied around with our Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 from Click and caught these gorgeous things hanging out at our store! How do they look in 'toy camera' effect?

Couldn't resist getting another shot of them pretties, in 'starlight' effect!
Don't they look like they're gonna do magic for your body and skin?
Apparently, that's exactly what they'd do with its rich content of silica - a source of youthfulness, healthy bones, beautiful hair and nails! The alkaline levels in naked water also balance out the acid in our diets and increase oxygen-flow, leaving you refreshed and full of life! Now, isn't that what we all could use?!

Ooh! Look who're here?
We caught Sharon and Laura looking happy in matching white tops!

Amanda, we simply ADORE your cupcake-nails!!! How insanely -cute are they?!

Hazel looking cheery in a bright-tangerine blouse from Ribbon & Roses while Ann's decked in Aijek's Learning to Fly Pintucked Dress in kite-print today!

That's right, ladies! Hold 'em up!

We love Pam in her printed maxi with a cranberry satchel to match!
Oh, and guess who's going green, and literally too, with that super cute Oscar the Grouch reusable-bag?! We know you ladies love our pink paper-bags, but we love the idea of 'going green' just as much!

Looking good there, ladies!

Fiona and Sharon doing the 'monochrome'!
(using 'High Dynamic' effect on Panasonic DMC-TZ40 from Click!)

The sweet-and-shy.
(using 'toy camera' effect on Panasonic DMC-TZ40 from Click!)

Is that a Trioon top we spot on Shih Ya?

We gave Agnes a 'dreamy' effect to match her soft, long curls.
And here's Mei Yip looking cheery in cobalt-blue!

Buy it, wear it (immediately!) Yuko looking smashing in Aijek's Floating Bubbles Tank Dress!

Thank you, ladies! Until next time!


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