Monday, November 11, 2013

PASEO Mini Wet-wipes in Powder Pink and Baby Blue

Being party-ready doesn't just mean looking good stepping out of the door! It also means staying that way through the evening! Stains are not going to ruin the evening, or maybe you'd just like to freshen up? Anytime, with PASEO's wet-wipes that are cottony-soft and aloe-infused for a gentle, comfortable wipe! And, they fit nicely in your party-purse, too! Yes, we think of everything!

So when you're here for our 11th anniversary party on 16 November, Saturday, we're going to make sure you will REALLY be party-ready not just in the many gorgeous frocks you're going to bag from us, but with purse-size survival items like PASEO's mini wet-wipes to ensure many smashing nights ahead! But, quantities are limited , so drop Grace an e-mail at or a line at +65 6338-7060 before 14 November, and you might just get your hands on them!


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