Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trixilini's 10 + 1 Birthday-bash! - Post-party Pictures!

TGIFS (Thank God It's Friday Soon), ladies! We hope you're done hanging over from our party 'coz we aren't! Still, we managed to put together some pictures we'd like to share with you from last Saturday! 

Ah, look who's here?
It's the good and lovely people from PREP Hair-salon, Andrew and Jacelyn, dressed in... green, of course!
Yay! Hair-saviours! 

Yummy! And so pretty, too! Happiness in little pops from ET Artisan Sweets!
We had multiple bursts of joy!

Our first customers to arrive!
June and Karen tell Eva from PREP to make them over with that curler!
Even little girls wanted to get in on the action!
Clamp, twist, and glide! It doesn't get more effortless than this!

Who says short-haired ladies should only stick to straight-manes?

Lovely Koh Lin was so sweet to drop by for our party before jetting off later that day!
She wears Aijek's Light As Bird Dress in blue.
We know it's also because she was dying to get her hands on her own ghd V Gold Hairstyler to bring with her on that trip! We don't blame you for wanting to look glamorous wherever you may be!

Desiree tries it out for herself before bagging her very own ghd V Gold Classic hairstyler!
She wears Cosset's Round-neck Fitted Tee in black, and Aijek's Spade & Shovel Shorts in mustard.
The force behind that happy grin: "Bad hair-days are banished forever! Yippee!"!

Tiffany and friend also got their tresses PREP-ped!
LOVE those bouncy curls! Fashionistas, you are!

We just love Agnes' new look!
Soft and romantic.. She looks gorgeous!

Ooh! Ratna from Paulina Katarina is here!!
And, wow, she lighted up the room in one of her own designs, Margarita Maxi Dress in bright yellow, from the label's latest collection! Everyone who bought something from the label wanted a picture with Ratna!
Dr Lau wears Paulina Katarina's Belini top in red (left-most)! Nice!!

Food!!! Just the fueling we need!
Special delivery! XXL pizzas from Peperoni Pizza!
What's hotter than guys with yummy food?
Guys in matching colours with yummy food!

One for the road!

Till next time!

All pretty pictures powered by:

Using Canon's PowerShot N
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