Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Get Upside Down with Upside Motion

Cradling you where you need it, while encouraging you to challenge your limits. A balm for wellness of your body and mind that melts all your tension away. Makes you a better, not to mention, more toned and flexible person, and all while having lots of fun! 

We think this year marks the start of your beautiful relationship with AntiGravity Aerial Fitness at Upside Motion.

Hailed from NYC, AntiGravity Aerial offers the benefits of aerial acrobatics (think Cirque du Soleil), dance, yoga and suspension fitness for a unique full-body workout. Using a special fabric-swing suspended from the ceiling, your weight will be supported, your spine and joints safely protected while you strengthen, tone and stretch in inverted levitations, handstands and mid-air flips. 


- Stronger core muscles and a well-toned upper body
- Improved posture and reduced tension in the neck and spine
- Increased flexibility and joint mobility particularly in the hips, spine and shoulders
- Develop greater body awareness and balance in a new aerial dimension

We can't wax-lyrical about it if we've never tried it, so try it out, we did... Here are some photos we took at the Upside Motion studio at Orchard Shopping Centre last week.

A very cosy and exclusive studio

Next to the AntiGravity room was one with Reformer machines for Pilates.

Ah, where all the action is... We wanted to start swinging away immediately.

And, away we go!
There's arm and core power needed here as you lean and stretch as far as possible to the front before stretching to the side with one leg bent, to the back, to the other side, and back to the front again. It's like you're drawing a circle with the hammock.

Activating our core muscles, we form parallel lines with the ground while suspended.
We didn't do a bad job, huh?

We mean (monkey) business!
That's just one of the basic inversions of AntiGravity'.

Check out how we achieved it HERE  with Mirna, our lovely instructor from Italy.

We start to wind down.

Doing the angel pose very naturally.

We transit slowly into...

The final and most relaxing pose as you cocoon in the very comfy silk-and-cotton hammock.

Got you interested, haven't we? Scroll for some quick information on classes available at Upside Motion


Open Classes


- For beginners
- Achieves more length and depth with less strenuous effort
- Basic exercises and inversions to breed familiarity before moving on
- Beginners, and Advanced Beginners are available in 6-week courses


- Full stretching and lengthening, working on specific body groups using various poses in and out of the hammock
- Easing of stiff muscles, increased flexibility, restive wind-down at the end of the class
- Available as a 45-minute lunch-time 'pow wow', or a full-hour session (mornings and evenings) for full effect


- Total body workout to strengthen and condition every major muscle group
- Complements regular AntiGravity practice
- A total body work out designed to strengthen and condition every major muscle group, pushing strength and core-training to new heights


- Challenges with aerial acrobatic moves such as flips, drops, and pull-overs
- Training towards building up and displaying strength, control and flexibility necessary for executing mid-air moves with confidence and grace.
- Suited for the experienced practitioner with at least 2 months of regular AntiGravity practice.

Get ready to fly high with Upside Motion and re-experience the fun you’ve had playing on the playground swings as a child!

Xtend Barre (left), Pilates on Reformer machines (right)

Did we mention they also offered Xtend Barre (a fast-paced, vigorous work-out that combines the body-sculpting benefits of dance with the core-properties of Pilates), and Pilates? Click here for more.

Strut over to Trixilini this Thursday to Sunday, 15-18 January, for your Lunar New Year acquisitions and receive SGD10 gift-vouchers which you can use when you sign up for any of Upside Motion's single classes or packages (trials not included). 

You get 2x SGD10 vouchers which can either be used on 2 separate transactions for yourself, or be split with your BFF because fab' things should be shared! It's double happiness with twice the fun!

Upside Motion is available at

321 Orchard Road, #04-05
Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 238866
Tel: +65 67372979


36 Armenian Street
Singapore 179934
Tel: +65 66366859


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