Thursday, January 22, 2015

Your CNY Trix Treat - (Must-have) Daffodil Series from Aijek - 23-25 February

Aijek Daffodil Silk Cardigan in white
Also available in tomato, and black
Aijek Beginnings V-neck Camisole in white
Also available in black, orange, navy, and ultramarine

Kim models your must-have's from Aijek this season in classic shades, topped off with her current lippie lust in Cherry Lush from Tom Ford Cosmetics.

Bag your cardigan+camisole combo this weekend at SGD268 instead and be happy with savings of SGD60!

AND! We bring you double happiness with a very special price of just SGD188 for each of Aijek's Daffodil Silk Drop-waist Dress this weekend! 

Now the question is, which colour do you go for? We say 'bag them all to save yourself a migraine'!

Daffodil Silk Drop-waist Dress in black
Also available in white, and tomato


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