Saturday, November 7, 2009

Heather - Christmas Collection "Baby The Stars Shine Bright!"

Heather is back with zest to kick start the season off and voila! Here comes the first Christmas collection for Trixilini, "Baby The Stars Shine Bright!" Inspirations came from Chisato Tsumori's current A/W collection which was captivating to her and led her to create something special this Christmas.

It's the season when there are so many exciting parties to attend, which made Heather realise that she needed something new to wear, hence the stars collection blossomed! Pair the collection perfectly with laid back t-shirts as well as dresses!

Sun, Moon and Stars necklace - SGD$189

I will fetch you a falling star necklace - SGD$179

Birth of a Star necklace - SGD$189

Whizzing past the milky way necklace - SGD$189

Space Adventure necklace - SGD$159

Twilight necklace - SGD$169

Shooting stars necklace - SGD$189

(All chain is 14kt gold plated)

PS: the necklaces are suppose to be like mini-sculptures of the stars whizzing past the planets, constellations. Heather used vintage glass buttons to achieve the look of planets...

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