Monday, November 30, 2009

Heather - "Fables" the earring collection

Heather's annual earring collection has finally arrived at Trixilini. This year, the collection is entitled "Fables", which are base on popular fairy tales such as Grimm and Andersen.

Due to the limited numbers in this collection, as well as each piece is unique and one-off; reservations will be limited to one per customer and held for a max of 2 days. Please direct all reservation enquiries to Sylvia at 6338-7060.

There will be 10% off for the entire range of Heather's Designs except for the Fables Collection during Trixilini's one day only event.

The goodness of Elisha's heart - SGD$189
From "Wild Swans"

The Emperor's Daughter - SGD199
From "Aladdin"

The Ice Queen - SGD$189

The Glass Slipper SGD$189

From "Cinderella"

Undine - SGD$179

From the original inspiration for "The Little Mermaid"

Rapunzel - SGD$169

Little Briar Rose - SGD$189

From "Sleeping Beauty"

La Belle et la Bete - SGD$189

From "Beauty & the Beast"

Kiss the frog to find the prince SGD$189

From "the Frog Prince"

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