Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aijek - New Acquisitions from 'Absence of Time'

Check out what's new from Aijek's 'Absence of Time' collection this Saturday, 27 July!! And, be spoilt with a 20% discount on your new pretty friends on that day!

White Lies Cropped Lace Tank
SGD 159

Kite Lines Silk Tank in clouds-print
SGD 149

Sun-drenched Maxi Silk Dress in clouds-print
SGD 319

Kite Backless Silk Dress in lime (also available in turquoise)
SGD 249

White Lies Lace Skirt in white/lime
SGD 169

Rebirth Lace Panel in black
SGD 249

Soulmate Pleated Dress in turquoise (also available in navy)
SGD 229

Spade And Shovel Dress in navy (also available in turquoise)
SGD 229

Wilful Innocence Weaved Contrast Dress (available only in clouds-print)
SGD 279

Wilful Innocence Top (available only in navy, and Floating Bubbles print (as on shorts seen here))
SGD 129

Wilful Innocence Jacquard Cropped Tank in cream
SGD 129

Lucia Zip Waist Pants in navy (also available in emerald)
SGD 189


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