Wednesday, July 24, 2013

naked. water at Aijek's 'Absence of Time' Shopping Event this Sat, 11AM to 9PM

No, it's nothing naughty... Well, not that naughty, anyway. 

If you ladies haven't heard, naked water has finally reached our shores!

naked. is over 1800 years old and is drawn from one of the world's deepest, oldest and most pure artesian water sources in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It is bottled directly from the aquifer and is only exposed to the outside air when you open it. Clean, fresh and natural. The way water should be. Just look at the awesome picture below and you'll know what we mean...

This is just too beautiful... How can you not want to drink from this?

The untainted, bare-naked truth, always pure and pristine...
contained with a clear conscience.

This Saturday, 27 July, come Summer-shopping with us for Aijek's finale of 'Absence of Time', enjoy 20% discount on it, and hydrate to keep yourself going with naked water!


What do you say?!


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