Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Private Pantry Part I - create magic in your own kitchen!

You know us! Always giving you ideas on where to wear all those pretty frocks you regularly acquire in bulk from us! For all you home-proud ladies out there, we're sure you throw parties and dinners in the comfort of your own place every now and then. How about impressing your guests not just in your lovely dresses from us, but with really fabulous and tantalising 'tummy-yummies' that YOU have created in your very own kitchen?

Introducing My Private Pantry - going behind the scenes to help every food-lover whip up some magic in their own kitchen. From novice to advanced home-cooks, to professional chefs, My Private Pantry lets their chef instructors have a free-play at their cooking studio because if they're having fun, everyone will, too! Sounds good to us!!

Check out how their nice little studio looks!

Located along Tras Street and nicely-housed in a colonial-shophouse.

Don't you love the clean and simple lines of this place?

This is where everyone crowds around as the chef takes centre-stage.

A peek at what's behind the counter.

Here we have the work-station where class-attendees gather to practise what they'd seen demonstrated by the chef-of-the-day.

The work-stations are immediately transformed into a dining table for events and functions.
Space-saving idea in this intimate space.
Those of you who would rather not disturb the peace of your crib, you might want to have your party at My Private Pantry's studio instead! Plus, no washing of dishes!!
So that's the end of your little tour, but before we go, check out their fancy washroom! 

Watch this space for Part II of our feature on My Private Pantry! There'll be a little treat for you ladies, too!


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